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weyard's Journal

Weyard - Five years later
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Five years after the collapse of Mount Aleph...

The world has entered a Golden Age. With the power of Alchemy traveling through the land anything seems possibly for the people of Weyard. Powers that have lain dormant in families for generations are finally awakening.

Vale has been rebuilt. Stronger than before, the community ties in this small village run deeper than ever. Together they feel they can protect their village from anything the world might throw at them.

But strange things are happening that might challenge even their resolve...

A large meteor has crashed near Vault, its inside hollowed out. Strange, shadowy shapes have been seen near Vale at night.

All over Weyard, adepts are beginning to disappear in the night leaving no trace, no clue as to where they might have gone.

Strange objects have been left by unknown forces in the hands of certain adepts. Magic books. Unearthly weapons.

An ancient evil is lurking and growing in the shadows and banishing it forever is the only way to save Weyard.

But how do you attack something when you don't even know where it is?