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11 June 2007 @ 04:45 am

+ Please post or comment at least once every three weeks.

+ Keep in mind, in character actions have in character consequences. For example, if your character attacks somebody else's, do not complain if your character is subsequently killed or mutilated.

+ Please, do not Godmod.

+ Correct spelling and grammar are a must. We can overlook the occasional typo, but a post full of netspeak will be deleted.

+ Explicit swearing, gore or sexual material must be put under a cut. There should also be visible warnings.

+ No emoticons. Although a post made up entirely of ":(, ♥, :D" might be appropriate for Felix or Isaac, they get annoying after a while.

+ If you are starting a plot that would concern another player's character, please notify them.

+ Unless you have permission, please do not use fanart in your icons.

+ If you are going to be away from the game for a long period of time, please contact the mod.

Posting Guide.

Post in first person to your character's journal. Just treat it like a, well, journal.

If you want to write something that only another character can see write (Private to: [character name]). When you want to write something all the characters can see, write (public).

For instance, Garet might write:

Hey! I went fishing with Isaac today. It was pretty good.

(Private to: Isaac)
Can we tell them about that awesome fish we caught?
Well, anyway, I guess I'll see you all later!

Logs should be written in third person. Post any logs to the community.
Please comment here with your character journal and contact information when you have been accepted. Alternately, if you are a player, you can request a character you want to see join.

Taken Characters
11 June 2007 @ 03:24 am
Apply for a character here, using the following form. Comments are screened.

Age: Remember, this is five years after The Lost age, so if you are applying for a canon character please adjust their age to reflect this. So, Sheba would be 19, Felix would be 23, etc.
Background: For original characters this means their entire lives up until now. For canon characters, just tell us what's been going on in the last five years.
PB: This one is just for original characters. Can be anyone from Naruto to Gin from Bleach.
Psynergy Element: Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Mercury
First-Person Writing Sample:
Third-Person Writing Sample:
Any Special Notes: Anything else you'd like to add that doesn't fit in with any of the above categories.